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Kovea Spider Reviews:


The efficiency and portability of the Kovea Spider make it a great option as a backpacking stove despite its imperfect wind performance. The Kovea Spider has a wide base, allowing multiple pot sizes, and this compensates for it not being super fast. The Kovea Spider offers precise flame control.

I believe that remote canister stoves are about to become conventional for use in non-alpine environments. My belief is based on my use of the Optimus Vega and The Kovea Spider, which I consider to be top-notch stoves in the remote stove category. Companies shouldn’t neglect the flexibility and length of the fuel line because it affects pot placement and packability. These factors were taken into account with the fuel line of the Spider as it performs effectively in this regard.

Boil Time

The Kovea Spider can boil 16 liters of water (contained in a 2-liter aluminum pot) in about 5.5 minutes. Its fastest time in the cycle was 3:14, and the slowest was 7:52. The weather was clear but slightly windy. In similar weather conditions, The MSR WindPro II does the same in about a minute less per liter.


For backpackers concerned about pack weight, The Kovea Spider offers great packability and weighs only 6 ounces. It jumps up to 6.7 ounces if we include the carry bag and its separate Piezo igniter. The WindPro II weighs 6.6 ounces alone and 10.8 ounces with all its accessories.


The Kovea Spider boils 16 liters of water while being powered by an 8.9 oz. Can of Primus Power Gas. The inverted canister facilitates the last four boils as fuel pressure drops. In terms of efficiency, The WindPro II is equal.

Wind Performance

The wind performance of the Spider is not an idea. However, other plus points compensate for it. With a nearly empty canister and in high winds, The Spider averages 9:00/liter over four boils. It averages 3:32 once you invert the canister and apply a windscreen around the burner. The Kovea Spider doesn’t come with a windscreen as the WindPro II does. You can, however, apply a windscreen of your own making, and that is another benefit of remote stoves.


I found it immensely durable because of its steel and brass design. It fits perfectly in smaller pots even. It’s a light, flexible, and reliable stove suitable for use in all seasons. The Korean-based Kovea has the ability to emulate the top players in the stove industry if it conveys the functional benefits of the Spider effectively.




As of now, The regular players don’t sell the Spider stove, but Amazon and CampSaver.com do. Fatcatgear.com also offers this remote stove and has a windscreen available too.

I always used canister stoves because of my belief that they are lighter and easier to stove. After using the Spider about 20 times, I’m certain that I’m never replacing this flexible remote stove.

Right now, the winder is imminent, and I’m sure the Spider will live up to its reputation. Most of my hikes are above 7k, and the flame strength of the Spider has surpassed that of its competitors that I’ve had experience with. I recently realized how great the Spider is because of its canister inverting ability so that it starts burning liquid instead of gas. The temperature was in the mid-twenties., and it was snowy, and it performed really well. The heating coil should be heated up for 30 seconds before the canister is inverted.


The legs are secure and stable below a very stable burner. The legs can also be molded, and this enhances the packability of the Spider. It comes with its own Piezo lighter and weighs only 6 ounces.

I realized at the beginning of my experience with the Spider that a windscreen is necessary. The windshield may be placed within the legs rather than surrounding them. Keep an eye on the windshield for any signs of melting. However, I did not have this issue, and the boiling time was much decreased.

It may seem to be an exaggeration, but this stove has served me well. Because of its toughness, I believe the Spider will last for many years. Kovea deserves kudos for creating this fantastic small stove.

It is a viable option for 1-2 people. It can be used all year round because of its lightweight and compactness.




Backpackers prefer a stove that offers great packability and is light and stable. A Korean-based company, Kovea, addressed these concerns and developed a well-thought product which is arguably one of the best remote canister stoves on the market. If you require a better performer in cold conditions than upright canister stoves, give Kovea Spider ago.

As of now (January 2013), The Spider is not available in US stores. I got mine from eBay, and it was shipped to the USA, and I got it in two weeks. It comes with a tiny holding sack and a piezo lighter. It also contains directions and warning labels written in Korean. The piezo didn’t offer me much utility since I typically carry a little lighter. With the press of a button, it sparks perfectly.

When I started shopping, the MSR Windpro II and the Primus Express Spider appeared to be the two major rivals for this stove. If you wish to improve cold-weather performance by flipping the canister, you’ll need a pre-heat tube. All stoves with this feature have gotten good feedback and weigh about 6-7 ounces. The Kovea Spider, on the other hand, is the lightest of the four, weighing in at 6oz. And by far the smallest, fitting inside my Open Country 2 Quart Pot beside a bigger 220g fuel canister. This, along with a reasonable price of about $50, made it the obvious winner for me.

Further Continuation of The Review

As far as my experience with this stove is concerned, it has worked smoothly and hassle-free. It was put to the test when I used it at 10 degrees F, and it worked efficiently in inverted mode. It should be made sure that the canister is warm enough before it is inverted. Positioning the canister is made easier by the length and flexibility of the hose. The fact that the canister can be easily converted because of its swivel connector makes Spider better than the MSR WindPro in this regard.

The legs are quite thin but at the same time stable too. The grip is strong, and I haven’t experienced a pot slipping. I’ve tried pots with up to 2 liters in capacity, which have worked well. However, smaller mugs and pots render the Spider unusable.




Kovea Spider

The Spider is a remote canister stove. We got it as a door prize and have loved it since. Although it does require a windscreen and is not workable with a very small pot, it is easier to use than most options.

It took a considerable time to boil water when we first used The Spider without a windscreen in the Snow Peak Trek 900cc titanium cup. It would have performed better with a wider pot, but we just wanted to try it since we had won it very recently.

The three legs are foldable, and the hose wraps around them. I note that the fuel tube is routed up by a burner to allow the burning of liquid fuel in lower temperatures after turning the canister upside down. A sparking device also comes with it, and it uses standard EN417 canisters.




It’s been a few months since I’ve been using this stove. I’ve expended approximately five 200-gram MSR canisters on it.

I had to pay $42, including free shipping with no tax. Amazon delivered it to my house in Tennessee in 12 days. I’m quite satisfied with this.

It’s a great and easy-to-operate product that can be used even in freezing temperatures. I have tried it a few times in below 20° F it performed well. After you’ve warmed the canister in the bag, the Spider takes 10 seconds before the pre-heater tube is heated enough for you to invert the canister into liquid feed mode. Fuel pressure is maintained in liquid feed mode, and the Spider works efficiently. Primus Eta spider is something similar to Kovea Spider but with more advance features and usability you can definitely check out the review of Primus Eta Spider if you are looking something more advance.

Due to its wide base, The Spider can accommodate large pots. I use the Evernew. 9 | Ultralight pot on the Spider and a full windscreen.

My gripe is the Spider’s weight. But the amazing performance of the Spider in freezing temperatures outweighs the drawback.

I’d recommend it.



Source: bought it new

Price Paid: 42 USD