Mux Wall Socket With One Year Official Warranty

Mux Wall Socket With One Year Official Warranty


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Mux Life provides a complete Home Automation solution. In the home automation solution,  Mux provides a retrofit solution. The installation of the Mux smart wall socket is the same as the standard dumb wall socket, so it is easy to replace the existing wall socket or install a new one. The essential requirement is a line and a neutral wire. Mux smart wall socket provides you three types of control; the first one is like standard touch control, the second is through the Mux app from your mobile phone, and the third is through Google Home or Alexa voice integration. Mux smart wall socket can support every type of electrical plug because it has a universal socket that can comfortably work with heavy load appliances like microwave oven, and refrigerator. Download the “Mux Life” App (compatible with Android 5.0 & iOS 11.0 above), configure your Mux smart devices with your home Wi-Fi through the Mux life app without any extra hub required, you can take control of your water motor, mobile charger, and different devices from anywhere in the world through a mobile phone application with an Internet. That will not only give you control of your devices but help you save electricity as well. The TV can be turned off as per the set schedule as desired to save electricity. Through home automation, you can save energy by scheduling your appliances. The configuration of the Mux smart wall socket is accessible. It can be configured with any Wi-Fi router of 2.4 GHz without any separate hub or subscription service. The Mux Smart App works with all smart electrical appliances, permitting you to control your home from any Android or iOS gadget effectively. With the help of this feature, you can schedule your home or office’s daily activity. Using the Mux Life app, set as many schedules as you want for your everyday activity as per your preference. Utilizing the Mux Life application available on android and iOS, set a time to turn off the electrical appliances when you are away from home. Moreover, you can create individualized scenes to control lights and fans as per the requirement. With the Mux Life app’s help, you can set a timer to turn on/off the electrical appliances through the smart wall socket for your convenience. Utilizing “Mux Life” skills in Alexa App or Google Home App to control your electric gadgets with your voice. Control the humidifier and stereo just through your voice. The design of Mux smart wall socket circuits is according to the international standard for safe operations; Mux smart wall socket will cut off automatically when it is over-burden. Flame resistant material box prevents mishaps and accidents. The TV or water motor turned off when there is no one at home. Mux Smart wall socket blends well with any room stylistic theme with its attractive design. The material used in manufacturing is of top glass crystal panel and ABS flame-resistant substrate. Mux smart wall socket has a perfect touch control. It is also non-staining and always looks new. Mux smart wall socket containing elegant universal socket that supports every type of electrical plug. Durable touch control, which is smooth and gorgeous to control. The Wi-Fi Mux smart wall socket gives you the freedom to control anything like an electric pot, refrigerator, water dispenser, and different electrical gadgets all from your smartphone through the Mux app. Turn those electrical appliances off, and on no matter how far you are from your home or office, you need the internet; it could be Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Mux smart wall socket works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant to deal with your gadgets through Voice Control. Assign a name to the Mux Smart wall socket and control by name when making a voice control. You can also create a scene of your Mux smart devices and easily control them from one command like “Reading Mode.”

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