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Rising Electricity Bills? Fight Back with Smart Mux Products

Electricity is a basic need and utility required to survive in the world today but unfortunately in Pakistan, it is still a privilege to have an uninterrupted electricity supply at your home and workplace. On top of that, there’s an issue of expensive electricity which is breaking the backs of common people in these uncertain and unprecedented times which has appointed the new set of standards to live and work.

Recently, K-Electric has over-billed masses in Karachi and labelled it wrongfully as bill adjustment which the company previously reduced. On social media, the people of Karachi have accused the company of charging more for fewer units used. The company is under heavy criticism as all this is happening when people are losing their jobs and businesses.


The Problem: Unawareness and Control Over Power Consumption

Through the past couple of decades, K-Electric has always provided a painful experience, and surprisingly in the massively large city of Karachi, there’s no other electricity provider available and the people have no other option other than surrendering to the expensive, inconsistent and low standard of electricity.

People are unsure of how to enable an ecosystem for themselves which allows them to have complete control and a certain picture about handling their power consumption which further engages them in making smart decisions that help them save money.

The Solution: Mux Smart Products Can Help Reduce Electricity Bills

The way out of this is proper tracking of the electricity consumption which can help you understand the patterns with which you utilize the electricity and Mux Life smart products offer you just that along with other helpful features.

Let’s have a quick look at the features;

  • You can monitor all of your Mux devices anywhere, anywhere from your mobile phone
  • You can turn on/off any appliance, add individual timers
  • You can create scenes by allowing multiple devices to perform activities pre-set on a single tap
  •  You can schedule the operation of your devices over specific times
  • One single tap helps you to power multiple devices
  • With the aid of a Google Assistant or Alexa, you can command any Mux device through voice
  • Obtain real-time alerts on manually controllable devices upon manual intervention
  • The info on how to use your individual devices
  • If you want, you can book the service of energy audit which evaluates your current energy consumption and provide recommendations in order to improve consumption.


The electricity crisis has always been an integral part of Pakistan but it is getting worse because we are standing way behind the line of growth and productivity. Mux Smart products are not going to resolve the crisis but they will simply put you in charge and in control of your consumption and how you can manage your appliances which ultimately help you in saving money.

Learn all about our products and what we have to offer on our website. Feel free to comment on your queries and suggestions below in the comments section.

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