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5 Safety Tips For Rainy Season

Who doesn’t love the sound of rain, the scent of the earth, and the sight of bright green trees combined with flowers that bloom? Of course, there are many reasons to enjoy the rain or monsoon season, the most important being that it indicates the end of the scorching summer heat and offers some much-needed sun escape. However, this wet weather can also cause quite a lot of trouble from road accidents to power breakdowns, particularly if you are not prepared beforehand. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy this time of year without facing any unforeseen accidents, you need to follow some easy but successful safety tips for the rainy season.

5 Safety Tips For Rainy Season

These are some safety precautions that will help keep you and your family safe.

  1. Don’t touch an electric wire
  2. Avoid walking in the rain
  3. Unplug electronic appliances
  4. Make sure your windows and doors are shut properly
  5. Prepare an emergency kit for a power outage

Don’t touch an electric wire

A few of the rainy season’s most important safety tips are to stay away from electrical wires — especially those that either has dropped from heavy rain or are precariously hanging from the pole, about to fall off.

While a lot of people don’t know it, these wires are still alive and it could actually be dangerous to touch them. If you have children, also educate them on the importance of keeping away from falling electric wires and poles. When you see these wires lying in a puddle of water after rain, stay as far away as possible as you can electrocute yourself.

Since these wires appear to break during heavy rainfall, keep an eye on the electric poles in your area, and warn the authorities concerned if necessary. It could help to save others from tragic injuries, too.

In addition, during the rainy season, don’t park your vehicle directly under power lines or next to utility poles. It is also advisable to avoid ringing the doorbells of people when it is raining, particularly if the bell is not protected by any kind of shade and is exposed to water.

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Avoid Walking in the Rain

The prospect of walking in the rain or jumping in a puddle can sound exciting, particularly if you live south of the country and don’t get too often a chance to enjoy the weather.

One of the top precautions to be taken during the rainy season, though, is to stay away from the water standing on the lane. Such water pools may appear easily healthy, but they contain a host of bacteria that can contribute to a variety of infectious diseases and infections of the fungi. Diabetes sufferers are at a much greater risk than most.

Make sure to wash your foot properly with soap and clean water in case you have no other choice but to walk in a puddle to get to your home or workplace. Remember, don’t wear wet socks or wet shoes because they most likely would contain all sorts of germs.

In addition, wearing covered shoes or rubber boots is one of the top tips to stay safe in the rainy season.

Unplug Electronic Appliances

Apart from not touching the electrical wires, one of the main electrical protection precautions during the rainy season is to unplug electronic devices during heavy rainfall. The explanation behind that is the fluctuation of voltage and the shedding of the load. Extremely high or low voltage could potentially damage your costly appliances. Repairing them would certainly put a strain on your pocket, it goes without saying. Additionally, if the wiring gets damp due to ambient humidity or rainwater, touching these devices can be harmful to anyone.

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Make sure your windows and doors are shut properly

This protection tip goes without saying for the rainy season. Besides making sure that mosquitoes and other bugs do not enter your room during the monsoon season, you do need to make sure that your windows can be closed all the way to stop water flowing in during heavy rainfall. If the water is still flowing through your door, make sure to call in a carpenter and repair the problem as soon as possible, otherwise, the raindrop could ruin your wall painting and flooring. Not only that, but water will reach the wiring as well, which can be disastrous.

You do have to secure your furniture which is put close to windows or doors. If your furniture is getting wet, the best way is to cover it with large plastic sheets to mitigate the damage.

Prepare an emergency kit for a power outage

The most troublesome aspect of the Monsoon season is regular power breakdowns. As you can’t fight or always predict these natural events in time, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst – particularly if you live in a flood-prone area.

Here’s a checklist of stuff you’ll need to have in your rainy season emergency kit if things get out of hand.

  • Clean water
  • Mosquito repellent creams
  • Thermometer
  • First aid bandages and cotton swabs
  • Healing ointments
  • Power Bank for your phone
  • Essential Medicines
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Battery-backed emergency light
  • Extra set of clothes and socks

Rainy season can be enjoyable but it can cause great discomfort if you are not prepared. We hope that you stay safe and follow the above-mentioned safety tips.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any safety tips that can help.

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