Smart Store and Retail Outlets

Mux Life Pakistan offers the most efficient IoT platform supported by Smart Mux Products, facilitating your Smart Stores and Retail outlets. We save your time with the mundane tasks like managing temperature, Shades, Lights which are important factors for customer satisfaction but also take up your time, now can be automated via Mux technologies.

Solution Benefits

Energy saving/Conservation
We facilitate energy consumption efficiency by energy monitoring and providing comprehensive real-time data analytics and notifying the user with AI alerts on unusual excessive usage.
Remote management
Control your Mux devices remotely through App or Web Portal from anywhere in the world.You can use a variety of smart devices to control and manage your system including your smartphones and tablets.
Centralized management system
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Mux AI & IOT based customized solutions and services enables the user to have full control and visibility to achieve more efficient energy management.
Comfort & Convenience
We provide an easier and quality lifestyle to our clients by scheduling all the daily mundane yet important tasks such as turning off lights and air conditioners.