Problem Statement

AJCL approached Mux Life to avail a privacy solution for their office. The conference room at AJCL had transparent glass walls, whenever any meeting was conducted it was visible to everyone around the passageway and privacy of the meetings were compromised.

Solution Proposed

Team Mux proposed smart privacy glass to the solution. Smart privacy glass lets them blurr the glass walls wherever needed for privacy for the meetings and can be switched back to transparent glass whenever needed.

Action Plan

Team Mux conducted a technical survey of the conference room where they inspected the problem and analysed how the privacy solution can be incorporated


Installation of privacy screen is a delicate process which Mux Life handles very carefully and efficiently letting customers enjoy their automation services seamlessly. Smart privacy screen gets installed on glass walls along with a switchboard and you can directly control the privacy of your room.

Mux Products

Mux Smart Products facilites in achieving the required

Smart Privacy Screen


  • Mux provides replacement warranty for all Mux products

  • On-Site and online Technical support is available for their clients

  • Thorough technical survey and consultation is provided to all clients before pitching solutions


  • These smart privacy glass adds pleasant ambience feature to your meeting room

  • Adds privacy factor

  • Low maintenance and efficient solution for addressing privacy solution