Smart Home And Office Solution

Mux is your partner for smart home devices and systems. We provide solutions for complete smart home automation, through our innovative technology giving you ultimate control of your electrical appliances.

Design Your Smart Life

While taking your life to a whole new world of comfort and convenience with our services, you can conserve energy in your spaces!

Mux Life App

Control your home and office devices through our Mux Life mobile app without replacing any existing device. This app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Remote Management

Control all your Mux devices from your cell phone anywhere, anytime.


Apply individual timers to switch on/off any appliance.


You can create scenes by enabling multiple devices to perform pre-set activities on a single tap.


You can schedule your devices to operate on specific times.


You can control multiple devices with a single tap!

Voice Control

Control any Mux appliance via voice with the help of a Google assistant or Alexa.


Get real time notifications upon manual intervention on manually controllable devices.

Usage Timeline

Get usage details of your individual devices!

Mux Ecosystem

Mux ecosystem consists of Energy Saving, Monitoring and Smart Home automation solutions for your home and office. 

Mux team will guide you about your electricity usage pattern and recommend smart devices (e.g. Occupancy Sensor) to help you save your electricity costs.