Problem Statement

J&P Coats approached Mux Life for controlling the lighting of their warehouse. Their warehouse had more than 70 lights installed in their warehouse. All 70 lights used to remain on all the time because lights used to operate from a single point of control.

Action Plan

Team Mux conducted a Technical Audit of the vicinity to check estimated power consumption in terms of total operational load and wattage of the appliances and number of appliances/ load operating in the vicinity.


All 70 lights were used to operate from a single Distribution Box. Whole warehouse would light up even if lights were required in one section of the warehouse. Main Goal of J&P Coats was to reduce this excessive power usage.

Load Wattage

Solution Proposed

Upon thorough research, team mux proposed an occupancy based lighting management system for the lights so when one section of the lights are required to be used all other lights remain closed.

Before Automation

Avg Units Conumed/Month = 1575.9 units

Avg Bill in Pkr = Rs 34,670

After Automation

Avg Units Conumed/Month = 787.95 units

Avg Bill in Pkr = Rs. 17,335


Avg Units Conumed/Month = 787.95 units

Avg Bill in Pkr = Rs. 17,335

Solution Cost

Approx Solution Cost = Rs. 165,000

Solution costs depends as per the placement of load in this case

RoI Calculation

Solution cost is one time spending and savings will be achieved every month. Therefore, the Return on Investment (RoI) is achieved in approx 9.5 Months.


Mux devices are easy to install, and simple to use.Installation and configuration of the system took half an-hour. The automations are ready to use on spot. That very same time the whole smart automation system was live and ready to operate.