js bank

Problem Statement

JS Bank approached Mux Life for their excessive power usage. Mux Life conducted an energy audit for “JS Bank”, on 25th April, 2019. The Energy audit was conducted to identify opportunities for saving energy, leading to cost cutting in the electricity bills

Action Plan

Team Mux visited the site and conducted an electrical energy audit, all the relevent data was collected including electrical appliance's rated power consumption, and electricity bills.


Team Mux in energy audits requests in-depth knowledge from the clients in terms of energy consumption for a thorough analysis on energy consumption. Top three appliances using the most electricity were air conditioners, PCs and lights.


It was studied that a number of loads lead to excessive power consumption. The collected data was fed into our system by our technical team and certain tests and analysis are run as per the consumption patterns and other variables such as the light intensity, ambient temperature, humidity and the schedule of the office based on that predicted load usage in a day and peak consumption points.

Solution Proposed

After studying the case team mux proposed an occupancy based lighting management system and occupancy based temperature controlling of the vicinity. Based on the analysis, a custom made solution is designed recommending the required number and type of smart devices that were needed to be installed for the efficient energy usage. The solution was planned as recommendations were drawn by the system based on the data analysis.

Before Automation

Avg. Units Consumed/Month = 3,796 units

Avg. Bill in PKR = Rs 97,277

After Automation

Avg. Units Saved/Month = 3518 units

Avg. Bill in PKR = Rs 87,968


Avg. Units Consumed/Month = 278 units

Avg. Bill in PKR = Rs 9,309/branch per month