Problem Statement

Mux Life conducted a PoC for one of the branches of UBL for a total 16 days. The reason for this PoC was to observe the reasons for rising power consumption cost and how with Mux smart devices the energy can be conserved.


All 70 lights were used to operate from a single Distribution Box. Whole warehouse would light up even if lights were required in one section of warehouse. Main goal of J&P Coats was to reduce the excessive power usage

Action Plan

Team Mux at first surveyed the site, UBL branch and observed the load count, and total load wattages that were necessary for analysing power consumption pattern.

Solution Proposed

Team Mux, after observing that the load was operational all the time during working hours at low temperatures, proposed that 26 degrees Celsius be maintained throughout the vicinity. 26 degrees Celsius maintains a good ambient temperature. Also, by raising a few degrees high would result in savings and also would maintain a good ambient temperature. On every increase in degree, 3-4% of saving can be achieved.

Before Automation

Avg Units Consumed/Month = 2,200 units

Avg Bill in Pkr = Rs. 48,400

After Automation

Average Units Saved/Month= 1,934.6 units

Avg Bill in Pkr = Rs. 42,563


Units/Month from one outlet = 264.4 units

Bill/Month in PKR = Rs. 5,837

1000+ Outlets

Approx. Savings/Annum = Rs. 70,044,000

Solution Cost

Approx. Solution Cost = Rs. 128,000

Rol Calculation

Solution cost is one time spending and savings will be achieved every month. Therefore, the Return on Investment (RoI) is achieved in approx 2 months


As Mux devices are very easy to use and convenient to install. The overall installation & configuration task took an hour or so. The automations are ready to use on spot. That very same time the whole smart automation system was live and ready to operate.

Mux Products

Mux Smart Products facilitates in achieving the required results:

Temperature & Humidity Sensor
Smart Remote
Smart Energy Meters